Leading In Providing High quality Services

    • Customer orientation and customer satisfaction100%
    • Ethical100%
    • Responsibility100%
    • Dominance, Agility, and Accuracy100%

Maham Principles of adherence

Being updated and aware in our fields of business
Respecting the wisdom and innovation of our colleagues (employees, suppliers)
Continuous improvement of the quality level of the organization's products in order to satisfy the customer

Continuous improvement of process and technology performance

Gain more market share through advertising and experienced marketers

Responsibility and accountability to customers
not providing confidential information related to the organisation and clients to others

Maham respects it competitors. Fair approach, avoidance of destruction and malicious advertising, avoidance of financial relations with influential people in competing companies and maintaining the privacy and secrecy of competitors

Bribery is not accepted in any case

Employees and representatives disagree with uncommon commissions

Adherence to honesty, fairness, teamwork culture, self-confidence, educability
Commitment to organizational relationships and respect for colleagues to create a healthy environment
Lack of discrimination (racial, ethnic, kinship, religious, sexual)