August 17, 2020
کود مایع can
Liquid CAN
May 1, 2021
زغال اکتیو تعاونی پترو تمدن مهام پارس
Activated carbon or activated carbon is actually a completely black, tasteless, odorless chemical powder made from charcoal, a carbon-containing material such as wood. Activated carbon of charcoal is obtained from materials such as coal, coconut husk, bamboo husk, pistachio husk and walnut, which are activated during a special operation due to heat, pressure and washing. That is, by creating holes, its contact surface and as a result, its adsorption ability increases.
Activated carbon is an adsorbent and purifier that can absorb all kinds of harmful substances and impurities, so many household and industrial water filters use activated carbon. For example, activated carbon is used to remove sediments and water particles in water purifiers or to control the color, smell and taste of beverages, and in swimming pools to regulate water chlorine. It is also used to reduce PH, COD, BOD, EC in an optimal way. The products produced by the professional specialists of "Kimia Research Aurang South" Company, according to the test results, are completely similar to European samples. For example, the porosity of activated carbon produced is from 600 to 1500.
Types of activated carbon produced in this company:
-Powdered activated carbon (PAC)
-Granular activated carbon (GAC)
-Spherical activated carbon
-Injected carbon
-Carbon coated with polymers

Activated Carbon Analysis

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