August 17, 2020
August 17, 2020

UAN Fertilizer

Liquid urea ammonium nitrate fertilizer (Urea-NH4NO3) Which is known as UAN Contains. both urea and ammonium were easily absorbed by the plant, it is an excellent source of nitrogen for the plant.

Advantages of using UAN fertilizer

What are the benefits of using liquid nitrogen fertilizer or liquid urea ammonium nitrate fertilizer?

1- Safe transportation, and no need for special equipment to apply this fertilizer in the field
2- The Liquidity of this fertilizer makes it possible to easily supply this fertilizer to the crop as irrigation fertilizer and easily enters the soil solution and is available to plant roots and minimize losses due to sublimation of nitrogen to ammonia (NH3).
3- Due to the Liquidity of this fertilizer, Can be enriched with micronutrients such as (boron, calcium, sulfur) and be combined with a variety of herbicides and toxins and used simultaneously.
4- This fertilizer has both forms of nitrogen that can be absorbed by the plant, ammonium (NH4 +) and nitrate (NO3-), so it is an excellent source of nitrogen fertilizer.
5-Ammonium (NH4 +) in UAN fertilizer stabilizes between the clay layers and is gradually delivered to the plant roots over a period of several weeks when the plant needs it, and it reduces Nitrogen sublimation in the form of leaching, which also reduces costs and saves time.
6- Since Iranian soils are calcareous and have a high pH, the use of fertilizer (UAN) is recommended, because it leads to a decrease in pH and acidification of the soil around the roots, and as a result, the uptake of other elements by the plant increases.

UAN Chemical Analysis

UAN chemical analysis

Foliar spray

Foliarspray-min (1)

Direct injection of fertilizer near the seed


Irrigation fertilizer


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